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We the management and the executive board of administrators at invest immeasurable amounts of time in framing the content and structure of the course material to satisfy the intellectual needs of a vast section of society, to cater to the requirements of illustrious clients, to accommodate and gratify our esteemed and revered customers to afford them the best online erudition, providing them excellent training by escalating their educational status to astronomical altitudes and bringing them on a platform of competency to face the challenges that they will encounter in a progressive world of endless technology.

At this crucial juncture, certain elements of dis-appreciation, instances of dissatisfaction, rudiments of displeasure, issues of disappointment and moments of frustration with the training modules may inadvertently tend to resurrect and create an atmosphere that would initiate and entail a demand for refund or cancellation.

Under these circumstances and debilitating eventualities the management will empower a panel of investigators, headed by a competent authority to probe, verify and examine the veracity of such injunctions. If the scrutiny is genuine and honestly approved without reasonable doubt, it will be reimbursed, otherwise, if found futile, the complaint will be repudiated and revoked.

To avoid experiencing such cumbersome situations, it would be advisable to all concerned, to please review the contents of the training courses and modules applied for, on our website prior to purchasing the same. All required information is provided for your perusal in explicit detail. So read, understand, clarify your queries, clear your doubts and then proceed to do the needful. These actions would simplify matters, gives you immense time to consider, contemplate, meditate and then activate your cerebral powers to take a solemn decision for yourselves and your ensuing future.

We at Traibcert endeavour to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This is our commitment and determination to strive diligently to give it the best we have within us. It is part of our progress and achievements.

Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Cancellation Policy

For Cancellations please contact us via ,
For Complaints contact us Via ,
Requests for cancellation received after completion of 5 consecutive business days; commencing from the date of registration will not be entertained.

Refund Policy

We do not offer any refunds for any reason thereof, if the online course modules are opened and the mock test was already taken, irrespective of whether you have passed the exam or not the issue stands irrelevant and invalidated.

Because of the nature of our training modules and exams, the rule strictly forbids; that once the training is taken it cannot be repeated using the same order.

If you need to take the training again, a new order has to be submitted.

However, if refunds are allowed on your purchased training modules it would only be considered on the factors that unfold below;

(1) If our website has failed due to system dysfunction, or inaccessible due to technical reasons.
(2) You were unable to finish the training due to technical failure or malfunction on the Websites.
(3) You never read the training modules.

If you request for a refund without accessing the training, the training fee will be compensated, but the £ 25/- refund fee will automatically apply.

All decisions on refunds as per our policies therein, are subject to our sole discretion. Screenshots of errors received, or other proofs that may be tenable we will strive diligently to make every attempt to ensure that our training is up to your standards as well as ours before we issue a refund.

At our discretion, if we believe you are abusing our refund policy, we reserve the right to prohibit your account and to restrict all future use of the Services. If we ban your account or disable your access to a course due to your violation of these Terms, you will not be eligible to receive any refund or certificates for the course subscribed.