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Today, financial institutions play an important role for the realization of projects in many industries.The Banking & Financial Services (BFS) industry continues to be transformed by technological innovation including constantly changing business dynamics, geopolitical uncertainty, risk and compliance issues as well as cost pressures.Organizations who are into long term projects need to be clear about the complex network of technical requirements in-order to avoid any unintended threats to the intended business goals. Therefore it is highly required to identify possible potential risks like delays, failures or quality issues, need to be identified well in advance to ensure successful project implementation and thus secure financial investments.

Traibcert Banking & Financial Sector Solutions

TRAIBCERT, an independent third party inspection and certification company, help our clients through our impartial advice on a range of areas relating to project finance services to help organizations ensure that they have the right advice on lending, risk management, trade, audit certification and verification, and finance training to support their project finance decisions for existing and future projects. Our objective is to enable our clients to effectively focus on sustainability, social and environmental risk assessment and management through our due diligence services.

Our expert team prepares, advises on and negotiates all forms of project finance documentation, collaborates closely with our project contracts colleagues and plays a key role in managing a project development and finance transaction from development and design phases through to construction and operation. We work across the spectrum of industries, including transportation, water, waste, energy and natural resources, renewables, healthcare, education, government services, housing and leisure projects. Our global team supports the delivery of projects wherever business is done and projects are procured. we apply new technology and employ an experienced global workforce that is empowered to reinvent the role of technology, to develop and apply best practices and to adapt our company to how our clients want to conduct business.

Banking and financial-related certification

ISO 31000 Risk management principles and guidance

The financial services industry is exposed to many risks from operational, to regulatory, insurance, market, customer and supply chain risks. ISO 31000 provides a foundation for implementing other ISO risk management standards and guidelines. It has been developed to provide a common approach.

ISO/IEC 27001 for an information security management system

Financial institutions are increasingly being targeted by criminal gangs attempting to infect machines and steal login details. The regulator has come down heavily on a number of financial institutions that have lost data, imposing fines of upwards of £3 million. Don’t let this happen to you – ISO/IEC 27001 can help.

ISO 22301 for a business Continuity management system

As one of those industries hit hardest by downtime financial services firms need arrangements in place to ensure they can continue to function in the event of an unforeseen interruption. Although not every eventuality can be planned for, by putting in place an ISO 22301 business continuity management system, organizations can demonstrate that they have a robust system in place, and are operating in compliance with FSA advice.