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Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture industry, today is arguably the most important and sensitive which requires intense attention, tracking and integrity as the goods proceed from fields to forks. In order, to avoid any risk, attention has to be given at anend-to-end supply chain range to ensure quality and improved productivity. It is to protect the public from diseases that could come from improper handling and storage of food products and provide assurance to the end user that product’s quality is maintained at every stage of the process and is safe to consume. Therefore, consumer health and economic concerns are of higher priority, as well as to the protection of honest entrepreneurs.

The need for agri inspection

Agricultural inspection is the practice of examining agricultural and other food-related operations, including facilities, processes and equipment, to make sure they comply with government laws and regulations to assuring quality. The major objective of an agricultural inspection process is to ensure the integrity of the food chain from seed development, crop management to harvesting and moving the product through the global supply chain to trade inspection at import and/or export.

Nowadays, many Governments, procurement & trade organizations, institutions, international relief agencies and donors all over the world are endured with the task of protecting their interests by inspecting the imports and exports of commodities and feed stuffs as per national and international standards.The major benefits of getting your agricultural process inspected are:

  • Manage risk, do better business and meet your obligations: with stand-alone or integrated independent solutions for every aspect of your agricultural and food supply chains
  • Safeguard your consumers: from a primary production point to the point of processing or custody transfer
  • Comply with complex legislation: including local, regional, national and international rules and regulations for production and trade of agricultural commodities and food
  • Ensure correct storage, shipping, packing and distribution: of commodities, food ingredients and food products
  • Ensure quality and safety throughout the diverse supply chains: including raw and semi-manufactured foodstuffs and final products in all principal food segments

An agriculture inspection requires an independent third party inspecting body who would carry out a professional inspection focusing on agricultural commodity, sampling and analysis to ensure the quality of the food products.The inspection involves agricultural inspectors at the field examine how animals, plants, and food products are handled and take samples to test for problems, such as diseases or unsafe levels of chemicals. They also pay close attention to anything in the environment that could lead to disease.

Agricultural inspection with Traibcert

TRAIBCERT, an independent third party inspection and certification body offers a wide range of services in the agricultural sector covering all aspects of the Agri-commodities you trade in – dry, liquid, bulk or bagged.Through the use of our state-of-the-art facilities and methodologies, we help the global food and agriculture industry to ensure product safety, improve quality, and reduce risks using our range of certification, inspection and auditing services.

At TRAIBCERT, we provide certification, auditing, consulting, training, farm services and laboratory testing services to agricultural businesses, farmers and growers regardless of where in the supply process you need assurance.Our proactive inspection services maximize control at every link in the supply chain with our team of highly specialized, experienced individuals who are consistent and impartial. Our services are underpinned by global network of contemporary laboratory facilities specializing in the testing of agricultural products and fertilizers to ensure the final settlement for a consignment represents the true value with regard to both quantity and quality.

As a trusted third-party inspector, our objective is to identify issues at source before they become a problem and help clients to minimize risk by ensuring goods meet both industry and government regulations.From farm management to product certificates, our expertise in the agricultural arena mitigates the risks involved in handling any raw materials. Long before dispatch, our expert agronomists keep a close check on your crop throughout the gestation period - from preplanting through to post-harvest assessments.

Agriculture and farming-related certification

ISO 22000:2018 Food safety management systems

ISO 22000 is an international standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system covering all organizations in the food chain from “farm to fork”.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems

An ISO 9001 quality management system will help you to continually monitor and manage quality across your entire organization. As the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard, it outlines ways to achieve, as well as benchmark, consistent performance and service.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems

Put environmental management at the heart of your operations to achieve sustainable success. This international standard helps you reduce your environmental impact as well as grow your business