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Trust Services

Enabling a Digital World with Our Trust Services

In today's business era, with the maturity in technology and its adoption, the set of associated services is bound to increase in number and features.The ultimate goal of it is to accelerate the exchange of goods and services in the single market, and make it easier, cheaper and even more reliable, with full legal value.Infact, the European Commission says that cross-border digital transactions are now "more convenient and more secure in a Digital Single Market". However, legal admissibility comes with the implementation of processes in compliance to international law (e.g., eIDAS in the European Union or NIST-DSS in the USA).

A trust service is an electronic service that is responsible for creating, verifying and validating electronic signatures, seals, time-stamps, delivery services and certificates that are used for those services, in addition to website authentication. It also is responsible for preserving those electronic signatures, seals or certificates. At TRAIBCERT, weprovide a set of Trust Services by leveraging and mastering the underlying technology, which encircles

  • Electronic Signature & Seals
  • Validation of electronic signature and seal with associated timestamps
  • Electronic Archiving & Archiving Services