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Inspection /Third party inspection

The present scenario of business environment, out-sourcing majority of jobs &services to the appropriate agencies is on the increase and out-sourcing of inspection / Third Party Inspection and validation activities are no exception to that. Whether your project is a new build, major modification or conversion; maintaining safety, reliability and integrity in compliance with the applicable codes, standards and technical project requirements are of utmost importance.Inspection /Third Party Inspection s help minimize risk ensuring that both customer standards and industry & government regulations are met without any deficiency. For a business, it serves to protect its interests, enables effective risk management and ensures quality is maintained according to the industry regulations, which is a priority at different stages of the business process..

The main objective of Inspection /Third Party Inspection is to provide information relative to conformity with regulations, standards, or specifications which accounts for quality, quantity, safety, fitness for use and continued safety compliance in operation.Since the safety, reliability and integrity are the aim of any end user/owner; any Inspection /Third Party Inspection process would follow a general criterion of examination of materials, products, installations, plant, processes, work procedures, or services, and the determination of their conformity, with requirements, and the subsequent reporting of the results of these activities to clients.By getting your business services and systems inspected you provide the opportunity for your organization to explicitly display its responsibility ensuring its facilities, equipment, products and services comply with quality, health & safety, environmental and social responsibility imperatives, whether they are:


Imposed by applicable codes or regulations which condition the “license to operate”.


Based on sector specific requirements or recognized international standards,


Based on your business schemes, standards or requirements.

TRAIBCERT’s diverse range of Inspection /Third Party Inspection services provides trusted support for your products, projects and processes with a helm of well-trained technical experts having wide range of experience in Quality Assurance & Implementation.We are truly Impartial & Independent in our Inspection /Third Party Inspection activities, assessing the compliance of product quality meeting the regulatory requirements of industry vertical, Inspection /Third Party Inspection reports and results. Our industry specific inspectors check your product against the specifications detailed by the company/Client/International Standard codes to meet a number of requirements.

Our scope of work includes,

  • Checking of quality assurance plan of vendors and make suggestions if required and necessary approval to final acceptance of quality
  • Ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with the organization’s Quality Assuranceprogram.
  • Undertake Inspection /Third Party Inspection through witnesses which is a requirement to ensure that all equipment and material procured confirm to the specifications and relevant codes and standards as per approved Quality Assurance program.
  • Inspect materials, plant equipment’s and structures before dispatch
  • Inspect materials received at the site starting from landing, report materials damages and recommend replacement measures.
  • Issue of routine Inspection /Third Party Inspection memo and check compliance report if any
  • Report and co-ordinate process between purchaser and vendor expediting dispatch based on Inspection /Third Party Inspection clearance as per PO
  • Expediting services relating to timely delivery of equipment & supplies and delivery information from vendors.

To deliver all the above in a seamless manner, we at TRAIBCERT have the expertise to understand Inspection/ Third Party Inspection/ Measurement related requirements of Engineering Industries and the need for quality control measures and efforts to achieve “zero defect”, eliminating any risks to production.

In every market we serve, we utilize the required technology and knowledge to inspect and verify that assets are as they should be for the required stage of their development.TRAIBCERT’s Third Party Inspection Service Portfolio includes,

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Inspection /Third Party Inspection during the production
  • Inspection /Third Party Inspection of intellectual property
  • Production monitoring
  • Material Non-Destructive Testing
  • Inspection /Third Party Inspection s of components for automobiles
  • Defect Classification Service

Our mission is to exceed client expectations, always. Therefore, we tailor our services to individual clients and take a proactive approach, investing in our people and resources delivering the highest quality of services ensuring safety, integrity and certainty across all our activities and to our clients.

Few of our major strengths which always keeps us ahead of our competitors are:

  • Higher response rate
  • Real time and perpetual information
  • Faster development of resources
  • Tailored service provision
  • Analysis of data captured to achieve continual improvement in quality

So, come join hands with TRAIBCERT, a trusted technical advisor and leading provider of independent Inspection /Third Party Inspection and design verification services, for your certification needs.

What do we check in a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

TRAIBCERT’s highly trained product inspectors carry out pre-shipment inspection at the factory premises or at the shipper’s premises or the port of departure based on client’s requirements. We carry out all inspections based on the internationally recognized standard statistical sampling procedure.Our expert product inspectors will use the appropriate sampling process to select product lots for pre-shipment inspection following an exhaustive &comprehensive inspection protocol. During this inspection, we coverall major aspects of the product such as labor, product appearance, safety and functionality, quantity, variety, colors, measurements, weight, accessories, labeling and logos, packaging and other specifics to ensure compliance with client requirements.

Upon completion of our inspection we will send you a detailed report including pictures and comments stating the level of conformity with the qualifications stated on the sales contract or not. Regardless of the life cycle stage of the project – from procurement through operation – our independent reporting confirms the information you need to know so the appropriate decisions can be made.

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